Friday, December 21, 2012

Born to Kill

It started a few years back, when digital marketers noticed that the things they put online don't go away when the ads stop running on tv. They noticed that most of their microsites and little gimmicks were born to die. The sites a had a finite lifespan of just a month or two - or lived on as zombies in the void of the internet with no more advertising to fuel traffic to them.

This was very stupid.

So the digirati started to talk about things that were born to live, not to die. Choosing to design experiences that could have lifespans over one single campaign or product launch. This just made sense, because it takes time and money to create gravity around any digital destination and to throw that away every quarter is just silly.

Lightweight interaction on Facebook
Nowadays advertisers use the facebooks and tumblrs or this world to be the continuum of content that flows from campaign to campaign, from quarter to quarter. They use it for lightweight byte-size interactions, that might give the consumer some entertainment  and the brand a little attention it craves. It's a constant flow of content instead of huge clunky microsites.

So problem solved? Everything is now born to live, right?

Just surviving the marketing roadmap and lingering on was probably a great achievement a year or two ago, but anyone can do that now. Any brand can small-talk on facebook or start their own little blog. I think the next evolution of digital marketing are things that are not only designed to live, but things that are born to kill. Experiences designed to give brands an edge against their competition. Something that not only takes into account of the strengths of the brand, but also the weaknesses of the competition.

I believe that if you're not in some sort of digital arms race, you're probably not doing it right.

Digital marketing and selling is revolutionizing every single category in the world. Just look at Domino's Pizza - a company that invested early on in digital experiences and ordering mechanics - and now is in the top ten e-tailers in US. They are constantly in a hurry to improve it's experiences and keep ahead of the competition in this area. The are killing the competition with digital.

The born to kill -attitude is about analyzing the way people find out about your product, use your product and buy your product - and finding the place where you can one-up everybody else with digital or mobile. This seems to have worked for Domino's, as the value of the company has quadrupled since 2010 while revolutionizing how people buy their product.

So do yourself a favor and ask the born to kill question: "How will I use mobile and digital to kill my competition in 2013?"

Oh... And have a merry christmas.

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  1. Great post and love the take on it. Flips the perspective from looking at just one company in a silo to looking at the industry as a whole. And also, very cool-sounding in a 007 meets Cuban Missile Crisis kind of way. Merry xmas Juuso!